Golf shirts are shirts that contain collars and plackets that usually feature 2-3 buttons. They are often made of materials like polyester and cotton. Most golfers prefer wearing them over other clothes because they are comfortable and versatile. Anyone can pair them with skirts, pants, and even shorts.

Unfortunately, some people throw them away once they realize that these shirts are already old or worn out. Instead of putting them inside trash bins, there are things that people can do to make these clothes useful again.

Below are the 11 things that you can do to turn your old golf shirts into awesome things.

Donate them to charities

If your shirts are still in good condition and you’re not wearing them anymore, try donating them to charities. You would be able to help the needy through your clothes.

Create a Scarf

Old golf shirts can be used to create scarves. You can cut the bottom part of your shirt in order to make one. By simply cutting thin strips, you’ll be able to produce fringes that can make your scarf attractive. You can also cut your shirt to be able to produce a bag scarf. It can be tied or rib boned in the bag’s handle.

Turn them into Pouches

These clothes can help you make pouches as well. Just cut the shirt’s bottom part. After cutting it, so the lower part of the piece. The upper part, on the other hand, should have a zipper. Once you’re done adding it, you can start using the newly-created pouch.

Use the shirts to produce tote bags

To make a tote bag out of a shirt, cut its sleeves, collar and placket. Create a U-shape in the neck part. After doing these things, sew the bottom part of the shirt and you’re ready to go.

Cut them to make headbands

A headband can be produced by cutting the shirt’s bottom or back part. Make sure that you’ll be able to produce a thick, long strip. After making a strip, try tying it in your head.

Make Pet Toys

Even golf shirts can be utilized to produce pet toys. By simply sewing and shaping the shirts into small balls, you’ll be able to create toys that your pets will surely love.

Sew their parts to produce pillows

To make a pillow, cut the sleeves first. After cutting them, sew the sleeves and the bottom part of the shirt. Insert stuffing’s on the upper part. Make sure that you’ll be able to form a square-shaped pillow.

Turn the shirt pieces into bracelets

Bracelets can be made by simply cutting various shirts into thin strips. After creating strips, braid them together to form friendship bracelets. Try combining 2-3 colored strips.

Combine them to create rug

Old shirts can be used to create rugs. To produce rugs, make sure to cut the collars, plackets, and sleeves first. Create thick strips and sew them together. Form a rectangular-shaped rug. Another way to make rugs is to create thin strips and weave them.

Golf Shirts

Repair them to form skirts

A skirt can be made by cutting a shirt’s bottom part as well. After cutting that part, try wearing it. If it’s loose, sew it to fit your waist line then add zippers.

Utilize their parts to create flip flops

If your flip flops’ strap is already broken, you can replace it by using strips from an old shirt. Just simply take off the broken strap and insert strips inside the holes used for the original strap. You can make a strap out of an old shirt by braiding its strips. Here are things that people can do to make these clothes useful again. If still there is confusion you can visit