Hint Water

Kara Goldin throws out all the sugary sodas and juices in her kitchen, and tries to convince her family—and eventually, America—that water can be exciting and delicious.

At home with her two (and eventually four) children, Kara began to apply her consumer savvy to simplifying her family’s experiences. Now, instead of cutting through all of the white noise of the online shopping world, she was trying to cut through the white noise of family life. She laid a discerning eye on everything from Sesame Street to strollers to afternoon snacks. Food was the worst culprit. During her harried AOL days, Kara and her nanny would stock the cupboards with convenience meals and snacks, anything that could be prepared and eaten quickly. Now, with more time to spare, Kara pulled out boxes and started reading the long lists of ingredients—which were far from simple. “I found that almost everything I was eating and drinking was filled with chemicals,” says Kara. “Worse, I was giving the same stuff to my children.”

Kara quietly started brainstorming ways her family could change the way they ate. She needed a challenge that was significant, but doable.

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Photo: Courtesy of Hint

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