Keith Belling had a lunch routine: he’d drop by the neighborhood deli, pick up a sandwich and a bag of chips, and head to the cash register. But one day in early 2005, Keith noticed that he had been subconsciously slipping his chips under his sandwich while he waited in line to pay, effectively hiding them from view. The exuberant Keith, whose lightly graying hair was the only hint that he was closer to 50 than 40, had to laugh—did he not want anyone to see his Doritos habit? Or was he hiding the chips from…himself? If he was feeling that way about the chips, realized Keith, then maybe he shouldn’t be eating them in the first place. But he did like his daily dose of deep-fried, salty chips. There had to be something better in the snack aisle that was both delicious and healthier, right?

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Photo: Courtesy of popchips

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